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Barry David Homan RIP

Highslide JS [April 2005] I have finally been able to breathe in enough to write this "message" to all you lovers and lovers of music. On the morning of the 4th of April 2005, Barry Homan, larger than life, the truly big-hearted man, slung his guitar across his back, tipped his hat, and smiled, "hello there my old friend", and stepped out on a new journey. I will see him here forever, and thank the blues spirits for crossing our paths, somehow that just had to be. Mr. Barry Homan, you left too soon, but you left a world better for having shared some time with you. Safe journey Barry, John.

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Kevin Coyne RIP

Highslide JS [December 2004] Dear Kevin, you will always be carried to the future in the hearts of all the many people you touched through the years. Memories of you will propel us forwards, opening doors, opening minds, and smiling right back. From Siren and Medicine Head in the very early Dandelion years through to visiting Helmi and yourself in Nurnberg last year, your presence always warmed my heart, and I thankfully share that with all your fans. Much Love to you Helmi, and a heart full of thanks to you Kevin.

John Peel RIP

Highslide JS [November 2004] Yesterday was John's funeral, the love, sharing, and caring felt there must have resounded around the entire world! It's been a very emotional time since the passing of John, who you probably know, we owe such much to for his constant support of Medicine Head, and for Peter Hope-Evans and my later projects, for his support of generations of musicians and writers, for the love that he shared with his family, with his friends, and colleagues, and with all his faithful listeners. This wonderful generous man will be missed in so many different ways, not least for his selfless furthering of new and potentially overlooked creativity. Please keep his Spirit close to your hearts. Peace.