John Fiddler / Medicine Head

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Shaker Harmonica Microphones - John uses SHAKER HARMONICA MICROPHONES

DR Handmade Strings - John plays DR HANDMADE STRINGS

[Angel Air Records] Angel Air Records released "Fiddlersophical" in 2011. Other Angel Air releases include John's solo album "The Big Buffalo", plus several archive British Lions and Medicine Head albums. Most albums have bonus tracks culled from John's personal archives, plus detailed sleeve notes and rare photos.

Peter Hope-Evans - John's partner in crime in Medicine Head. Harmonica and Jews Harp Musician extraordinaire!

James McCarraher - writer of the Angel Air story, published in 2007 to celebrate their tenth anniversary in the music business.

Joe Elliott's Down 'n' Outz - a new project from the Def Leppard frontman, playing Mott The Hoople related songs, backed by the Quireboys!

Pete Haycock - of Climax Blues Band fame, now a solo artist and also working with soundtracks for films.

Charlie Morgan - drummer extraordinaire! Be sure to play his drums set up on his website.

Robin George - formerly of Thin Lizzy. Now a famous producer and also the driving force behind the Damage Limitation project.

Dzal Martin - guitarist, songwriter, session musician & vocalist. - a unique music community dedicated to iconic bands and artists from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's - including John Fiddler and Medicine Head.

Two Miles From Heaven - this great John Fiddler interview was published in the February 2001 edition of "Two Miles From Heaven" - the magazine of the Official Mott The Hoople Appreciation Society.

John Coghlan - John was the drummer in Status Quo. He also played with John Fiddler in the Diesel Band.

Kevin Coyne - Kevin also recorded for Dandelion Records (solo, and with Siren). He sadly passed away on Thursday, 2nd December 2004.

Morgan Fisher - be sure to check out Morgan's homepage - and why not order his "Miniatures 2" compilation featuring a new John Fiddler recording!

Jerkin' Crocus - John's favourite tour promoters!

Dandelion Records - this page is a great resource for all fans and collectors of John Peel's legendary Dandelion Records (Medicine Head, of course - were their biggest selling act!)

Just A Buzz Online - with John Fiddler and British Lions news, records, tour dates and more.

The Mott Archive - with illustrated John Fiddler, Medicine Head, British Lions and Box Of Frogs discographies (plus Darrell Bath).

Neil Nixon - journalist/author (who contributed the Medicine Head piece to "The Rough Guide To Rock'n'Roll")

T-Rextasy - UKs no.1 T-Rex tribute band who also happens to be big Medicine Head fans! - hosting and web design solutions and expertise

Tony James Radio - Tony James is one of Britain's best loved DJ's