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When we started Medicine Head, we navigated with our soul-compass, we searched through the love and blood-shot sky for the returning Buffalo, followed where our hearts were leading us, screamed the primeval sure shot of love to pierce the armour of the black blanket night. Welcome to you all who visit this asylum of cyberspace and share your feelings, thoughts and emotions, experiences and knowledge with all who travel through time and space. Thank you for being there, and thank you for being here.     john 02.20.02

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JOHN FIDDLER will headline 'Rock This Country Blue' festival in Australia!

John is headlining the 03 October 2015 small festival in Kuranda in Northern Queensland, Australia, called Rock This Country Blue. Exact details are yet to be confirmed, more details will follow.

The festival has a fledgling Facebook page: click here

Jack White endorsement in Mojo!

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Jack White talks about albums and songs he has listened to in 2014 (MOJO magazine January 2015 edition):

..... Another album I've been playing recently is one that John Peel gave me, the first album by Medicine Head, which was on John Peel's Dandelion label. The first track on it [When The Night Falls] I Like that a lot.

JOHN FIDDLER - "State Of The Heart" - first time on CD!

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In the early 90s, John had a call from his management company asking if he would like to join The STRANGLERS so he started writing songs with them in mind, "Hearts Of Fire", Blue Skies" and "When I Looked Away". The guys in The Stranglers then decided they wanted to write themselves and go down a different road with another singer so John continued writing and "State Of the Heart" was the result of his desire to write cool songs. "State Of The Heart" will now finally get a CD release on 08 April 2013. Order your copy today from the online store!

It will also be available signed and bundled with the holographic edition of Fiddler's latest album "Fiddlersophical".

Holographic cover edition available only from the online store!

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"Fiddlersophical" was released in October 2011 by Angel Air Records and is the first new Medicine Head album in over 35 years! A special holographic edition is available from the online store while stocks last!

Review from LET IT ROCK:
So "Free" launches the agenda in the HEAD traditional ring of acoustic guitar and harmonica where the strident approach reveals a lyrical hope that turns urgent in the upbeat swampiness of "Narcisister". But if "First I Lost My Mind" slows things down for the playful to turn into the painful, "Cadillacs And Diamonds" flows on a laid-back West Coast vibe which denies consumerism in the name of love. Yet "I'll Turn You On" is the best power ballad this side of hard rock and it'll take ages to forget the slide figure that carries "The Haunting". And there's peace in the end, as "Angels And Misfits" flattens all the questions marks hanging over Fiddler's songs into a straight and smooth pop route. That's the philosophy to live by.

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